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“Thank you for being such an engaged audience. The sustained energy throughout the day and the challenging questions really contributed to the success of the event. I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did, and I do hope you can join us for further debate and discussion next year!”

- Kirsten Henson

“Apart from the obvious opportunity to network with people from far and wide, the conference inspires by showcasing best practice which we can all seek to emulate.”

- Jennifer Chan

“The health of our environment is vital and this conference raises much more than awareness about the benefits of sustainable landscapes.”

- Alex & Stephen Edwards

“Thank you for an informative, inspiring & provoking conference yesterday. Professionally hosted and a most pleasant venue. Excellent and broad range of speakers delivering presentations that not only educated but enthused, displaying passion and commitment to the subject matter. Much to take on board and build on.”

- Andrew Clarke, London Regional Advisor, Institute of Groundsmanship

“Just a quick note to thank you & your team for a very enjoyable day. I enjoyed hearing from such an impressive panel of international speakers!”

- Mike Ogden, Director, Gavin Jones Ltd

“The event provides an important forum for those interested in sustainable green infrastructure, providing an opportunity to hear about current thinking and ideas and a place to discuss them.”

- Anne Chipchase

“Reasoned, constructive, informed opinions & facts, extremely well-presented and provoking good debate and thoughts. A very well-planned and relevant conference that I would recommend across many industries and sectors.”

- Jamie Leeson

“I truly believe that the opportunity to hear these experts sharing their knowledge and best practice is the most powerful way to inspire, educate and motivate people working in this field. Thank you for inviting me, I really enjoyed it.”

- Pierluigi Zacheo

“Thank you for a wonderful event. For me personally it both filled the gaps in my knowledge and convinced me that the bigger picture is the key to brining about change!”

- Joe Ward

“I believe the depression and anxieties people experience is mainly do for the disconnection with Nature. The green spaces are vital for the wellbeing of the people and for their mental health.”

- Virginia Cucchi

“These types of events are essential to find out what else is happening in the sector but most importantly, how we can link or projects together to make a united front in the fight for green spaces.”

- Anthea Thomas

“This event has every potential to escalate the importance of green infrastructure up the political and economical agenda that it deserves!”

- Robert Donald

“There are many days when I feel that I am a loan voice calling for high quality green infrastructure. It is so important to be re-invigorated by talking and listening to others who share this passion, and indeed to strike up supportive collaborations to move our dream into reality.”

- Simon Bates

“This event is extremely beneficial as it is cross-disciplinary and introduces ideas not usually considered in the standard silo working.”

- Richard Ashley

“This event gives a very good overview of the green infrastructure agenda with interesting & very knowledgeable speakers.”

- Ruth Elwood

“It's important to come together & support this event as it is a means to mobilise all those who care about green spaces to speak out and act together to protect and improve them.”

- Dave Morris

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